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Thoughts from the director

Jump is a film about family and questioning where we belong. As an Italian, family has an, almost, mythological status. For me the importance is not only in your biological family, but the family you create as you move through life, the one you feel understood by, the one you choose. Alice comes back to a village that she hardly recognises and wants to reject. But, as she comes to understand herself and her history she realises that she can choose to be a part of something that is bigger than herself.

Jump is about a lost childhood and the rediscovering of it. We all grow up so fast and are unable to hold onto the playfulness and joy we had as children. I want to show how vital it is and how liberating it can be to view the world with wide, interested, innocent eyes. Through her connection with Nicola, Alice is shown the way back to those innocent, carefree days.

JUMP is very much a key word for the whole movie. Jumping into the unknown, jumping into the past, jumping into love. The word Courage is also very important. Courage to take your life into your own hands. Courage to let go. Courage to love. Courage to start another chapter of life.
Bindu de Stoppani

Where we shot

We shot the movie in Ticino, the southern most canton of Switzerland and the only canton in which Italian is the sole official language. The population of the area is just over 300,000 and geographically it is one of the most beautiful spots to film - we spent five weeks looking at mountains, or lakes or isolated medieval villages.
"Growing up in the mountainous, southern region of Switzerland, I set Jump within the lakes, fields and abandoned stone villages of my childhood". Bindu

The look of the film

There is a magical quality to the village. As if Alice is remembering it with chid's eyes. Stopped in time. An element of a fairytale hinted at throughout. We wanted to create a charming, old-fashioned Italian warmth. Vivid reds of a warm Italian kitchen for Ilde's home; Candles burning in empty wine bottles and a steaming espresso machine in the coffee; Dark cobbled alleyways; Ancient trees hanging over the lake; yellow flowers blowing in the wind; Fairy lights glowing in the trees at the village Festa.